Acquisition Criteria

The Jacobson Company applies a disciplined approach to identifying and evaluating prospective acquisitions. It acquires conventional multifamily and student housing situated in the Western United States. The company’s aim is to improve operating performance and realize appreciation over time, all the while generating distributable cash flow for its investors.

Towards this end, The Jacobson Company buys into economically diverse markets with identifiable opportunities in the employment sector. Above all else, the company values location, and its willingness to invest in both primary and secondary markets with strong inherent fundamentals is driven by several factors, including barriers to entry, quality of life, proximity to amenities and transportation, and the like.

The Jacobson Company’s acquisitions typically meet the following criteria:

  • Generally, 100+ units, but the company also considers smaller assets for its own account.
  • Core Plus and Value Add, garden-style Class B properties built in the 1980’s or later. Stabilized properties may also be purchased if justified by location and other market considerations.
  • As for student housing, proximity to colleges and universities with strong projected enrollment growth in markets with favorable supply and demand characteristics.
  • Assets appropriate for a long-term hold.

The company values long-term, loyal relationships with brokers and other professionals, and does business with a fast moving, no-nonsense approach to all transactions.